Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Invitation to review your Collectible Toys, Dolls, and other goodies.

Dear Toy Companies,

I am a very enthusiast doll and toy collector, who values the energy, passion, and artistic skills that are placed into creating those magical toys that are not only beautiful, but are also keepers of our most valuable and treasured memories.
I come from a family that loves collecting different things, and therefore we always value the quality of what products are made of, and have learned to be a very good critique of what may be one of my areas of expertise; Dolls and other collectible toys.

I am looking for toy companies that want their products to be reviewed by an adult collector, who is going to give her honest opinion about the product itself, as well as for the quality of the presentation it comes in. I believe that sometimes, if not most cases, the presentation affects how a product is perceived so it is a very important factor.
It is important to hear and read reviews about toys from a kid´s point of view as most blogs show, but I feel it is also important to hear it from the adult collectors too, since not only kids buy toys anymore, and sometimes it is the adult collector the one that invests even more in the product, because it gets passionate about having a complete set or complete collection.

In my reviews I love to add photos to show details of the product, and most of the times add a video too, so that people get that feeling of almost having the product in their hands. I believe strongly that if you see it, you can get it, and videos supports how products looks like with even more detail, and how it works if it applies. I have to confess that nothing gives me more joy than talking about toys, sharing my experience with them, and recommending people around the world a good product. The great thing about being bilingual, is that you get to share this with even more people around the world, so that makes me very happy.

If you feel that I am a good fit to review your products, feel free to email me, so we can get in touch and discuss the wonderful world of getting-to-know-your-product & spreading-the-word.

Agelessdoll (Laura Vara)


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