Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Obsessed with Disney´s Princess & Me dolls

Somehow, I ended up with a beautiful 19 inch Ariel doll from Disney´s Princess & Me series. I love Ariel from the little mermaid since the movie came out to theaters in 1990. I already had this thing for mermaids, and Disney just made it possible for the mermaid princess to end up happily ever after with her prince. Well, though I love dolls, and collect them, I usually go for smaller dolls because I don´t have much space for them. I decided to get this Princess & Me Ariel doll, and noticed she is more than beautiful. Jakks Pacific really did a great job with the sculpting molds. Not to mention the beautifully crafted outfits they wear. Not long after, I bumped into Belle, which is also one of my favorite disney princesses. Somehow, a couple of weeks ago, as I was browsing in a toy store, I saw the jewel edition dolls, and when I saw them side by side I thought: "That is exactly how they should look in my room." I guess I went out to conquer the world and got distracted by shiny princesses! OMG, now I am obsessed. I want them all. I have printed out the images of the dolls and placed them in my walls just to remind me that I want them so bad. The question; "Where am I going to place them at home?" hastn´t even been digested. I just don´t want to think about it, because I don´t care, I want them! Lol. The problem is that they are between $40 - $50 dolars. And though that is a very well deserved price for the dolls, it is fine as long as you are getting one or two, not ALL of them.
I am really trying to figure it out.
So here is my plan. I already have two. My birthday is upcoming, so I might get another couple. I work hard these upcoming holidays and save for another couple, and bet all my luck on winning at least one somewhere online.
And well, to bet my luck, I would have to make good karma, and to do that I am just going to share with you my friends how you can also try to win one of these beautiful and bedazzling dolls that will make your princess at home, or your inner-princess really happy.

Go to :

And by doing the requested activities (Likes, follows and so on) you might also get the opportunity to win and have one of these adorable cuties at home. I know my eyes pop out and shine everytime I see the ones I have, and daydream of the ones that I want for the near future.

So good luck, and I hope that we all can enjoy of these beautiful dolls that are worthy of any doll lover, and happy doll collection.

Have an amazing week!


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