Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disney´s Princess & Me doll Review and Giveaway by A Mom´s Balancing Act

If you read my previous blog post, you probably know by now that I have this crazy good feeling towards new Disney´s Princess & Me dolls. And though I am not a fan of big dolls, because I just don´t have the space for them as a collector, it feels to me that I am willing to get rid of most of the furniture in the guest room just to make space for these dolls. Is that bad? Well, if your answer was yes, I am sorry to hear that, but the furniture is still going, lol. These dolls are adorable, beautifully scupled, and have the most beautiful outfits that I have ever seen in the princess dolls. Right now I am only a doll collector, but one day I am going to be a mom, and since my daughter´s name is already considered as Ariel, what better than to have some "Little Mermaid" dolls in line ready for her welcoming arrival.

Well, for the moment, these dolls make me feel very special and I hope soon I can review a couple of them for you guys, but more as an adult collector, rather than a kids point of view, which I feel also matters since we are the ones that decide if we get ALL the collection, rather than just one or two.

In the mean time, while I figure out which ones I am going to get first, let me share with you a great review from a fellow blogger that I found, who is also running a giveaway. This way you get informed for the upcoming sales, and holidays, and who knows, you could also win the doll from this giveaway. Don´t hesitate and visit her post, get informed, and try your luck. You might end up winning a great doll for that special child (or inner-child) in your life.

The Blog´s name is: A Mom´s Balancing Act.
This is the link: CLICK HERE!
And don´t forget to check out her other posts, they might be of your interest.

Have an amazing week.
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