Friday, January 25, 2013

World of Warcraft surprise

So I was browsing through a box filled with World of Warcraft (WOW) Trading cards. Just looking at the art mainly. I have been a Magic the Gathering trading card collector since 1997, and though I never got the game, I truly treasure the amazing art on them. Anyhow, to my surprise and it does happen every now, I had an amazing finding. To my surprise I bumped into a card that in Mint condition is $85 dollars. I almost lost my undergarments lol. Well, it is not in mint condition, but I thought; Hey, if I sell it, I can rescue some barbie dolls (like I usually do when I get some money) from a garage sale or something. So let me show you guys the card I found. I decided to post it on ebay, which is a great tool to do this and try to sell it to someone that may have a better use for it than me. I also found it cool that I got to practice my photoshop skills with this graphic. So yay for me, enjoy!

Loot card 3/3 2009 Blood of Gladiators "Foam Sword Rack"

Link for ebay's auction of this card. Don't worry, my starting prize is waaaaaaaaaaaay lower than even excellent condition. For those of you guys who are interested.


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